This blogs allows me to bitch about all the annoying things related to infertility and social pressure regarding having kids. How many times a day/week do you just want to scream to people? Unfortunately that’s not a very nice thing to do 🙂

When I write it down on this blog, it hopefully will allow me to stay calm and to be able to cope with my problems regarding having babies.

TTC timeline:

I wanted really really to have a baby since May 2013, the moment I held the cutest little baby of one of my best friends in my arms. My partner wasn’t quite ready at that moment, but, without nagging from my side,  “popped the question” in August 2013 during our holiday. It was the most romantic moment in my life!

since December 2014 we are going to a fertility clinic.

April 20th 2015: IUI #1 FAIL

May 18th 2015: IUI #2 FAIL

June 23th 2015: IUI #3

July 9th 2015: beta and waiting for a call…. OMG OMG OMG it WORKED!

July 16th 2015: confirmation beta

July 29th 2015: baby’s first ultrasound: I hear the heartbeat and I almost cried. Baby’s first picture. 1cm tall, heartrate 131/min. There is a person inside me! YAY

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