eat sleep paint repeat

so it’s a month later and I’m still not with child.

developments since then:

1. my boss asked me again if I was pregnant.

2. a friend of mine gave birth and said in the text message that the baby was going to mess up her quiet peaceful life. really hate when people say that, I WANT TO HAVE A “MESSED UP” life because of a little mini me!

3. another friend gave birth, and another friend is pregnant. I’m already getting emails of friends asking me of everything is all right with all that baby news. hm. but, still, I’m happy they think about me and feel for me 🙂

4. made a big decision to drink alcohol every now and then and not doing the a) binge drinking (for me that’s 2 or 3 glasses) when I have my period b) not to touch a drop the other three weeks. It’s better this way. How else am I going to get through all those baby showers without one glass of cava?

5. heard that my friend who could only have children with IVF just got pregnant by “accident”, all natural, for her second child. The doctors are stunned. Feeling guilty because I felt a bit jealous. Is that wrong? But I’m sooooo happy for her!!!

6. I’m enjoying the peacefull life though. continue painting windows. thinking about my garden, where I will grow vegetables, where I will plant a tree. taking care of my gynea pigs (they are so cute!). LOVING MY CAVEMAN!

7. realised there are much worse things in life than waiting for a baby. which is a good thing right????

hug hug hugs