almost 1 year a mommy!

hi y’all

So my baby girl is almost 1 year. She’s such an awesome cutiepie!

some random thoughts about this one year roller coaster:

-labour and giving birth was hell

-being a stay at home mum is ok for 4 months but then the brain drain starts to hit and I just wanted to get back to work to do something WITH MY MINDDDDD.

-still searching for that pink fluffy cloud. I think I’m just not a fluffy, dancing around in green meadows, cheering “everything is always great” type of mommy. I’m ok with that.

-we have a ton of nicknames for the baby. There’s “baby”, “cutiepie”, “little girl” but also “Dino” and “Godzilla” 🙂

-I still find some time to go out with friends (although it’s strictly limited to dinner dates which ends really early because we’re all too tired) and do 1 hobby (not 3 at the same time, I’ve learned to say no and alternate music bands 🙂 so yay, I’m not locked up in my house all the time because I’m A MOM now. hurray!

-I don’t find enough quality time with hubby 😦   he has a job with irregular hours and I don’t, so it feels like we “alternate”: he’s leaving when I get home or vice versa. Maybe we should go on a romantic weekend? but we don’t have the time! he also works on weekend! Where’s the romance people??? we went on one dinner date without baby and then he got sick in the middle of the date. So that didn’t work out so well. So we try again next weekend. That means: two dates and one wedding we attended together in ONE YEAR. help!

-I feel guilty about everything: I don’t spend enough time with the baby, I don’t do my job well enough, I don’t see my friends enough, I don’t see hubby enough, I don’t clean the house enough… trying to find a balance here! Still didn’t find it!

lots of love to all those TTC’ers and new mums!