a nice tumor

hi guys

the weird swollen cheek appears to be a tumor, but not the aggressive kind.

what a relief!

she’s taking medication now and it’s slowly getting smaller.

also, from this week, I’m a working mum!

I will try not to stress too much. It’s already quite a fuss with pumpin breaks (yeah breastfeading is such a laugh!) and working at home while hubby takes care of her and I get occasionally downstairs to feed her.

I’m glad to say that I really getting the hand in this motherhood thing. I’m having fun with the baby, she’s such a sweety!

Unfortnately, my new co-worker who sits next to me just had a miscarriage at 9 weeks. How terrible she must feel when everyone popped in to congratulate me and she was at the same time phoning the hospital to get an abortion…

What a situation! But I’m glad she opened up about it, because now I know I will see that it’s not all babytalk around her. Because I know how that feels like…