waiting for some good news or some bad news for more than a week now after IUI n°3…

and experiencing all kinds of pregnancy symptoms that, when you think about it rationally, ARE NOT pregnancy symptoms…


– upset stomach and bowels: I just ate something wrong. But it’s going on for days now? What if…?

– very tired. Oh wait, that’s because it’s freakin’ hot and I woke up at 6 in the morning from the heat

– sore boobs: but my boobs are always tender, except when I have my period. It’s just nature playing crude jokes on me.

– being calm and poise: oh wait, that’s not a symptom, but it’s a good thing!! I’m pleased with myself!

– not interested in drinking alchohol or fried foods: didn’t I just say that my stomach is upset and that it’s 35 ° Celsius?

– sobbing from some dumb problem at work, while realising I’m sobbing that I really really want this IUI to work…



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