I’m not crazy

hi y’all

I went to my therapist today, for the first time in my life. It wasn’t scary at all. I had a very nice young woman, who doesn’t judge. yay!

Unfortunatley, 50 minutes is not a lot of time, so I left with a new appointment and a weird feeling in my stomach, because it’s impossible to brief this person about everything what is going on and what my feelings are.

My first task is to delegate more to other people (easier said than done for this control-freak 🙂 If I can’t deal work-babytreatments-being a “landlady”, than I have to delegate more aspects of renting our house to Hubby. Also I have to try to speak only once a week with hubby about the tenants. So it doesn’t constantly mess with my mind.

She also said that it’s defenitely harder for my than for Hubby and that it’s normal to feel this way. She also answered my insecure questions in a patient way: “no,you’re not mad” and “this conversation wasn’t a waste of my professional time”.

Also, my problems with my tenants are “luxury” problems: yes, I own a house and I rent it, but that doesn’t make my problems with this house less real, and if I can’t cope dealing with it right now because of baby issues, then that’s just how it is.

Ok. It kinda felt good telling my issues to some stranger. Must do that more often 🙂

The baby-free month is also quite relaxing. Yesterday I went to the beach with hubby (of course it rained) and we had a nice dinner WITH drinks. It was nice!

Next weekend I have to go to yet another babyvisit, but it’s my best friend this time and I’m looking kinda forward to it. In the way that only a woman with infertility problems can look forward to a babyvisit. You all are getting this, right…


One thought on “I’m not crazy

  1. I do not believe for a second that you are crazy! And I love that talking to someone helped you reaffirm that you are not crazy and helped you develop some strategies to cope with everything. Honestly, for me, my counsellor has been a lifesaver at times so I am always happy to read about others who are seeking out their own counsellor. Good for you! 🙂

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