IUI n°2 …

… also failed miserably.

Of course AF showed up just AFTER a party weekend, where I, good girl that I am, politely refused all alcoholic beverages and endured speeches about my stress levels.

Nature just likes to play cruel jokes with you I guess.

So, instead of going on another round of IUI, like the hospital suggested, I said no and decided that, with hay fever coming along and to take a break from it all, we would do nothing this month that has to do with baby making. This way I can take my meds for the hay fever (which are apparently also forbidden when you have a possibility of being pregnant) and have an occasional drink at a party for crying out loud.

Hubby said when I was sobbing again because AF showed up, that he really admired the fact that I’m giving up so much (meds, alcohol, coffee, sanity, …) for the baby.

Still, no baby. What else can I do to get pregnant? I really don’t know. I just wished I knew what is wrong with me. Further examinations however will only happen after a 3th failed IUI.


It was also the child of my best friend second birthday this weekend. She posted a beautiful picture on Facebook. And then I realised: it’s 2 years since I wanted a baby. It was when I held that little girl from my best friend in my arms, and she nested herself in my arms and buried her face against my chest that I knew: I have to get me one of those. A few months later, hubby “popped the question”. When I look at that little girl all grown up, I realised what a long time I’m already wanting a child…


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