scarlet fever

wth is wrong with me

seriously, wth?

I’m seriously ill, y’all. On Saterday, that’s 5 days after the IUI, I got sick. It got worse. My throat was a burning pit of hell, I had a fever and I wanted to sleep all the time. I could barely eat. I could’t take  any drugs because of the IUI of course, only paracetamol. And then I started to have red rash all over my upper body.

Turns out that I have SCARLET FEVER. That’s a CHILD disease. What are the chances?

I’m having a child disease when I’m 31 years old. I’m having a child disease while trying for a child. On mothersday. Damn you universe.

The chance that there will be a baby growing inside me, after three days of fever, antibiocis, herbal medicine who didn’t help at all, paracetamol and barely able to eat will be like 1% I guess.

Hubby joked about it, and said, if the baby could survive that, it will win the Tour de France when it will be grown up. Always the optimist.

ok, back to my sofa. My sofa and my bed are the only places I love to be these days.

No wait, first I will read the updates from all your blogs, of course!


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