So my period came…

… way to early.

IUI n° 1 failed.

I was at work and just broke in to peaces (luckily it was lunchbreak) so I stormed out and cried for 15 minutes while calling hubby and bying tampons. I was really surprised that I could feel so sad.Then I hide in a fastfood restaurant so I could calm down before returning to work. I just couldn’t handle to eat with all my collegues in the cantine. I didn’t even tasted the food.

I expected AF to come at least only Wednesday, but now I already have my period on CD25; which is early for me. Wtf?

So, we’re off for IUI n°2 this month. What a mess.


4 thoughts on “So my period came…

  1. I’m so sorry to hear this, always good to let yourself have a really good cry and let it all out, never bottle it up. Have a few days break from thinking about all this if you can x

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