in the meantime

– I went to babyvisit n° 5423 (sometimes I don’t even remember the baby names of all my friends. There’s just too many of them!)

but it was nice. Babies are cute. I want one!

– I talked for the first time to a guy about our mutual infertility issues. I only discussed this topic with girls before.

it was awkward, but also nice. He had his first child at IUI #2 and had a natural pregnancy 1 year later (it was sooo unexpected, he said. (hate it when people say that, but I’m also very happy for them. It’s like the universe rewarded him and his wife for al the torture they’ve experienced for 2 years)

Another friend did IVF, got a baby, did IVF n°2 but it didn’t work and concieved naturally by miracle. It’s nice to hear those miracle stories, but will it ever apply for me as well? Trying not to think to negatively about all this…

– My facebook still explodes with babypictures, mostly always from the same persons, mostly showing non-interesting facts about the offspring.

but at least, we’re not in the apocalyptic future of the movie “Children of Men”, where nobody can conceive any more and WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.  At least, all those babies whose photo’s I’m obliged to see, will grow up and pay for my pension and social welfare later. Hah.

– My pregnant friends whom I told all cheer for a lucky IUI (although I still think most of them still think we’re doing IVF)

but I also got (from the few people with fertility issues) the warning that IUI mostly doesn’t work for the first time. YES OK I KNOW THAT BITCHES. I’m just trying to be relaxed about it, may I?

– I. Have. To. Much. Work.

but I’m typing on my blog now instead of typing for my work. Did I mention it’s Sunday and it’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m supposed to be working?

Wednesday=blood test day. That is is AF isn’t showing up till then. So there’s nothing left for me to do than work.

Get on with in!


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