so many couples…

When I was in the waiting room of the hospital, waiting to get an echography and blood test, it hit me that there were so many women in the waiting room. Ok, I’m going to a hospital who is internationally known for fertility issues, and it’s in the capital, but still… It broke my heart to see so many women waiting for a baby. They will have all kinds of reasons (I saw a few lesbian couples, I saw a few women in their 40’s, I saw women younger than me) but I don’t want so many women to undergo those fertility treatments.

Because I only have one friend who had IVF and nobody else ever talks about infertility (they shout out loud that their husband only had to look at them and there was the pregnancy, hmpfff) I always felt very alone on the subject. Seeing all those women made me felt less alone but also made me feel guilty about feeling less alone. I only wished that people could speak more open about it. You never hear anything like this in your friends circle or even in the media. Only Kim Kardashian is struggling momentarely to have a second baby and there is a Belgian cycler and the Belgian prime minister who told the media about the miscarriages of their wives. That’s it. Nobody ever talks about it. I also think that my friends who know about our struggle don’t know how to cope with it and it makes them feel unconfortable to talk about it. I understand but it sucks for me!!!!

I don’t wish this constant nagging and hoping and crying and trying for a baby to be part of anybody’s lifes. I wished that every couple could get pregnant in a months time. Seeing all those women in the waiting room just fills my heart with sadness. I hope everybody is coping well. I hope everybody gets his happy ending.

The problem is that the world isn’t a fair place. Sadly, but true.

A big hug for all my infertile sisters out there!!!!


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