so we had IUI, for the first and hopefully for the last time.

We had a lot of stressy laughs with the needles for the Pregnyl-5000 drug: my caveman managed to break one of the bulbs completely but managed to get the drug out and then I stuck myself with the needle and managed to get the needle out sideways so there was a little wound and it started bleeding…

this morning we went for the IUI. It was more relaxing then I thought (lots of waiting between the sperm collection and the actual insemination) but I felt a bit alone because my caveman had to work. That’s really a downside to IUI: you can NOT plan anything. Otherwise he would have stayed but this day was important at work, so there I was alone in the cafeteria waiting for my turn and doing little walks outside for two hours.

I think that the whole medical procedure is really the oposite of romantic.

You basically wait for your man to do his thing, then luckily the waiting room was empty so we could hug and kiss each other. Then he left for work and I was left waiting. Then a nurse comes to get me, introduces herself with a handshake, places me on the table, announced that my cervix looks good and the caveman has lot of swimmers, inserts a catheder in me, then inserts another catheder with a little bow, injects the sperm and there I layed for more minutes before leaving the hospital and going to work very late (mumbling an excuse like “my back ached so much I went to a chiropract”.

So romantic really. But while I was left waiting I stroke my belly and said “gooooo baby” and I felt really at peace. Normally I’m a bit cynical to protect myself from getting hurt (and then getting hurt by the BFN anyways 🙂 , but now I’m in the two-week-wait and so I allow myself to be a little more optimistic.

gooooooo baby!


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