I really thought I got pregnant this month. We really tried. What the fuck is wrong with me?

And how much planned sex can you have for a year and a half?

So this means we have to do IUI. I already watched a 2 hours dvd to explain everything. Most boring video ever. they even explain how to mix your drugs to be injected.

IUI sounds like lots of unplanned fun. I very afraid it will intervene with my work. I’m NOT telling my boss about this, so I just have to make an excuse if I am late. looking forward for that.

I’m really angry and depressed. And because I’m starting with IUI I’m not supposed to drink a single drop of alcohol any more. Says the fucking dvd. Great. Just great. just absolutely terrific.

Meanwhile, at work, those moms are complaining about their sick babies all around me. Just trying to nod sympathetically. I don’t want to be considered a bitch, right?



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