dealing with friends and family

My little nephew asked me yesterday when I will have a baby because he wants to play with it.

He asked me that same question for the last half year almost every two weeks or so. So. Very. Annoying.

I think that he even gets the fact that’s it’s taking a bit longer for me than most women (we once kind of explained it in a not very clear way) but that he’s becoming impatient.

It’s really difficult not to get angry at such a small boy (9 years old) for being impatient. He’s also grieved by my infertility and also doesn’t know how to deal with it.

I’m thinking if my friends and family who never ask questions about me or asking how I am or who don’t react when I’m telling about my struggle are one of the following:

a) Ignorant of my pain

b) in such grief that they can’t talk about it

c) thinking “don’t mention the war”

d) thinking that I’m making too big a fuzz about it and it will come in time

It’s really hard not to interpret all those (non)-reactions of people (like my collegue who only talks about her baby and never ask ME how I’m dealing with my infertility). Are they maybe in pain too because my situation? Or maybe they just don’t give a f***? Or they maybe just feeling awkward? But I’m dealing with enough already, do I need to comfort THEM?

What a difficult situation, I just don’t have an answer for it…


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