what’s new?

– my family is giving me a hard time in every way

– I’m going to see an endocrinologist because my GP sucks at researching my thyriod levels

– I had several parties including cute children and babies and I didn’t cry

– I didn’t cry when another pregnancy was announced

– I felt like a bitch for not being happy that my collegue got a holiday every friday for 6 months (parental leave) and we have to work more because of that decision

– If my thyriod levels are fine I’m going to do my first IUI in a couple of months maybe weeks. Terrified, I am (to say it in a Yoda way…)

– I’m feeling better in my mind and more at ease with the baby things.

– I’m feeling guilty for drinking alcolhol every now and then because there is a brand new website from the Flemish Gouvernment giving all mothers to be tons of guild because the website says: “you should NEVER drink when you’re trying to get pregnant”. Obviously that website was not created by infertile people. That means that in my case I couldn’t have a drink for A YEAR AND A HALVE? SERIOUSLY? Sometimes the only way to cope with all those babies things is to have a good cocktail. And I never drink much. Like one or two glasses on occasion. That website however made me feel incredibly guilty!!!


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