So, what do you guys think about those mommies and daddies on Facebook?

Why on earth are they posting so many updates about their baby and not to mention posting every week or so another cute baby-photo?

Especially in my circle of Facebookfriends, there are tons of people with small children, smashing every day in my face that I’m childless.

I don’t think I would post that many updates and pictures when I’ll manage to produce an offspring one day.

I’m already very careful not to post to many pictures of the caveman and me, fear of becoming to cheesy. Maybe I should post weekly updates about my guineapigs? Who would give a s*** about that anyways?

I also tried to block the annoying parents from my facebooklist, but as some of them are my collegues and they kinda expect of me to be up to date, so I unblock them. Gosh I don’t know what to do anymore.

I feel bad for those children when they grow up though. Do you want to look at your baby pictures, my 16-years old daughter? We posted them on the internet so that everybody can see them! Goodie!

Poor child…

I say it again, I don’t have a problem with cute and adorable children, it’s those freakin’ parents who annoy me all the time.

I. Must. Find. A. Way. To. Deal. With. My. Baby. Issues.


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