birthday party

ok, so I’m throwing a birthday party for my friends from college.

ok, so they have small children. I said: bring them all! thinking of that one time that one of them didn’t show up because my other friend did a party late at night in a bar and she, oh horror, couldn’t bring her baby.

ok, so then two of them start bitching in emails to me about nappy times and feeding times. With the urgent question to eat BEFORE or AFTER noon because that’s important for naps and so on. And if I’m prepared to also serve food for the small children. WELL OF COURSE I AM. I don’t want those kids to STARVE right?

And may I remind everyone that it’s MY birthday, that I could easily have invited everyone at night for cocktails and dancing? I’d rather do that but I thought, let’s bring the kids, so that everybody is happy (I’m already happy when everybody show up at my birthday)

So I send a rather firm mail stating that we are beginning to eat when there will be enough people and that late party crashers (because of the nap’s till after noon) will get their share of food too.


It’s so hard not to get worked up by all those over concerned mommy’s. Or maybe I just don’t understand because I’m not one. A mommy that is.

I hope I will enjoy my party…


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