week 2 on drugs

I’m not happy with the pills agains the hyperthyriod -thing.

I’m feeling dizzy and experience nausea.

So I thought, I go tell my boss about this because she had a similar but much heavier condition (thyriod had to be removed). And maybe, if she would be well informed, she would know that I can’t get pregnant so easily so she will stop asking about it.

Of course the eager answer was: nausea? maybe you’re pregant?

It’s a shame that you can get fired for slapping your boss. So I’m not going to do that.

Now I have nausea every day just to remind me that I don’t have a baby. Life’s just GREAT.

I tried to see it positively though: now I can watch my diet a bit more (I’m not fat but I have like everybody some excess weight around the belly), because I’m just not in the mood for eating. Thinner me, here I come!


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