I just survied a babyshower (here it’s like a party in the afternoon after the baby is born, with cake and drinks, not everybody does it, only a few people).

I was dissapointed that I didn’t get a refill of my glass of champagne.

Luckily there was enough nice people and we didn’t talk all the time about babies. I was actually having a good time.

Still there were the remarks, when I was holding a baby from a friend (such a sweet little girl): “oooh it’s suits you, a baby. Look at how well it suits you.”

Three times in a row the same remark, from the same person. I just stroke the cute baby hair and hugged the baby tighter. Can’t I just hold and play with a baby without those remarks all the time? Do they want that I just don’t cuddle babies ever again of something???

and then another “we’ll see each other at the next party, it will be another babyshower, right little dragon, you’ll have a baby shower soon, wouldnt’t you, wouldn’t you???” (but comes from a collegue of mine who is just doing it on purpose, it’s like she knows that we’re trying, and she’s making those remarks all the time, the little bitch).

People say dumb things all the time.


Maybe I should have screamed that…


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