there it is…the fertilityclinic

My first appointment with the fertilityclinic was last week.

The good news: I’m not an abnormal crazy person who imagines all… yay! In the past, when I had heart rythm disorter or backpain, doctors tend to tell me that I’m just a little nervous bird and that I have to do a bit more sports. It was after four years they discovered that I had a real heart problem and I had surgery. My backpain is still a mystery, but that’s normal because science does not know so much about back problems without a visual injury (mine is from computer work mostly). I was very happy that the infertility doctor didn’t treat me like a dumb child.

The bad news: it’s not normal according to the doctor that it’s been a year and 3 months that we are trying for a baby.

So they took a lot of blood, and I have to do an echo when I have my period to see that I don’t have endomytriosis.

Oh well, at least we’re doing something about is! I already felt bad about not mentioning why I was taking the afternoon off to my collegues.

I will just try to keep good spirits! Luckily my caveman is soooo supportive and sweet. What would I do without him???


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