There are just too many pictures/comments on facebook about babies at the moment.


I have this one friend who posts babypictures every week! so you can see the cuteness develop!

There are three friends with new borns at the moment, which includes babypictures and questions about feeding ALL OVER FACEBOOK.

WHY? Is there nothing else to discuss on Facebook? Do you have to share something so intimate with everybody? Is one photo on facebook not enough?

Would they be interested in my guinea pig photo’s? I only posted once the guinea pigs, on demand of my friends. But I don’t do updates about them every week/month. It would annoy people I think so I don’t do it.

Am I a bad person to be annoyed with this?

I’m happy for the new parents, but I also want to bitch about their stupid posts. I’m even getting updates from my collegue about when the baby is eating and things like that. I don’t care. I’m sorry but I just don’t.



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