environmental bitching

well, I just about had enough.

In my country a massive “brown-out” is likely to happen. They will shut down some parts of the towns and villages when there will not be enough energy left in winter.

so, instead of focusing on energysaving measures and re-open the whole discussion about the fact that our lifestyles are just not environmental friendly, people start bitching about the shame that the power will be cut off for two hours and then just go and buy… generators.


You couldn’t just think about what life-changing measures you could take. Like WEAR A SWEATER insteas of turning the heat up, TAKE THE STAIRS instead of using the elevator for 1 store, RECYCLE, TURN THE LIGHT OFF, etc. etc.

People just don’t think about those things and I think our government (when we will ever have a new one) should start huge campaigns about living more environmental friendly.

There. My first political statement.

Proud of it.

Wearing an extra sweater by the way.


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